Dundler Mifflin

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Dwight Schrute

  • Actor:
  • Number of episodes: 187

As Assistant to the Regional Manager, this Amish beet farmer never missed an opportunity to exert his imagined power. Dwight started off as just another suck up who thought he was more important than he was. There is a Dwight in every work place. Dwight was Michael’s right hand man for most of the show so it was hard to imagine how he would function after Michael moved to Colorado, but he did his best to carry on.

Despite being the best salesman in the company, Dwight always let Jim and his pranks get the better of him. He did everything in his power to get Jim fired when he was promoted over Dwight in “The Promotion.” Pranks aside, it was fun to see how great they worked as a sales team in “Traveling Salesmen.” We got to see his sensitive side as he comforted a crying Pam. Our hearts broke for Dwight to see him crying in the stairwell in “Money.”

The only thing Dwight loved more than Dunder Mifflin was Angela. Even though their romantic arc was chaotic, it was clear they were made for each other eventually having a child together and getting married in the last episode.