Dundler Mifflin

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Pam Beesly-Halpert

  • Actor:
  • Number of episodes: 187

Pam Beasley was the receptionist for Dunder Mifflin. She started the show engaged to Roy who worked in the warehouse. Pam struggled with her feelings for Jim through the first few seasons but time would see them become a couple, get married, and start a family together.  

She was the voice of reason in the office. Most of the time she found herself exasperated trying to temper Michael’s personality. Pam was usually the recipient of Michael’s suggestive but harmless remarks. There was brief rift between them when Michael started dating Pam’s mom but the two reconciled after she slapped him.

Pam often felt stuck but tried to break out of rut on a few occasions. She attended design school and even boldly quit her job in the episode “Two Weeks” to help Michael start the Michael Scott Paper Company. She wanted more than to be a receptionist and became the first salesperson for the Michael Scott Paper Company, but when the company was bought out she returned to Dunder Mifflin as a salesperson.

Pam grew from meek and passive to strong and assertive. If Michael was the heart, Pam was the backbone.