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Angela Martin

  • Actor:
  • Number of episodes: 187

Angela Martin is the cold-hearted head of accounting. A petite woman, she views her co-workers mostly as distractions. Angela is definitely not out to make friends. Often she shows open disdain for her co-workers, especially Kevin and Meredith. 

Angela is all business and is not above tattling. In “The Coup” she exposes Movie Monday to Jan which gets Michael in trouble but this backfires and Angela fears the Branch might be shut down. Despite her conservative views, she carries on a secret affair with Dwight. Their relationship goes smoothly until “Fun Run” when Dwight mercy kills her cat.

She then starts dating Andy if only to make Dwight jealous, and even gets engaged, but in the end, she realizes Dwight is her soulmate and they get married in the series finale.