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Holly Flax

  • Actor:
  • Number of episodes: 17

Holly Takes over for Toby as the Scranton Branches HR rep. Michael immediately becomes smitten with her because they have a similar sense of humor. In “Weight Loss,” Jim thinks the reason Michael and Holly get along so well is because “Holly is kind of a major dork.” Michael falls for her and the two begin dating. When word reaches David Wallace, her has Holly transferred to the Nashua branch.

Michael is devastated but tried to move on with his life. He returns to Scranton in “Classy Christmas” to again take over for Toby while he is on jury duty. She reveals that she is engaged to someone else but still struggles with her feelings with Michael.

Later in Season 7, she breaks up with her finance and moves to Colorado with Michael to take care of her parents and start a family and the two live happily ever after. She was the perfect match for Michael.