Dundler Mifflin

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Stanley Hudson

  • Actor:
  • Number of episodes: 187

Stanley Hudson is actually one of the hardest workers in the office, even if he does start to gather his things a few minutes before his day is officially over. He was usually seen on the phone with customers and has been with Dunder Mifflin for more than 10 years. He could be more personable though since he likes to keep his distance from his co-workers, even Phyllis his deskmate.

Being African-American, Michael stereotypes Stanley by referring to him as “urban” and “coming from the streets” and assumes he’ll be a great basketball player when the office plays the warehouse guys in a pickup game, but he’s terrible.

He knows Michael means no malice and often dismisses him. Stanley doesn’t like to get involved in office antics and often comes across grumpy and impatient. Stanley berated a terrified Ryan who thought he was flirting with his middle school aged daughter in “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” and asks him if he’s “lost his damn mind, because he’ll help him find it.”

He has lost his temper more than once and lashed at Michael in “Did I Stutter?” and smashed Michael’s car in “Gossip” after he exposed Stanley’s affair. Stanley looks to retire soon but always looks forward to the Scranton Business Park annual pretzel day.